Making America Great Again


President Donald J. Trump Accomplishments

The Treasury Department sanctioned 4 individuals and 9 entities under Venezuela related designations, underscoring the Administration’s commitment to restoring freedom and democracy in Venezuela.


The EPA’s 2019 comprehensive annual report on greenhouse gas emissions shows a long-term trend in falling greenhouse gas emissions; since 2005, national greenhouse gas emissions have fallen by 13%. 


Unemployment claims reached another historic low, decreasing 8,000 to 196,000, the lowest since October 1969.


Vice President Pence urged the UN to revoke credentials of the Maduro regime’s Ambassador to the UN, reaffirming the Administration’s commitment to recognizing Venezuela’s only legitimate government.


President Trump has successfully nominated 93 conservative judges, 54 to District Courts, 37 to Circuit Courts, and two to the Supreme Court.


The unemployment rate for women has been at or below 4% for a full year, the longest streak in almost 60 years.


The African American unemployment rate has been at or below 7% for 14 months; prior to the Trump Administration, it reached that mark just once in April 2000.


The unemployment rate for Hispanic Americans has now been below 5% for the last 11 months; prior to the Trump Administration, it had reached that mark just once in October 2006.


Unemployment has remained at or below 4% for 12 months, the longest such streak in nearly 50 years.


President Trump has added 5.1 million jobs since taking office in 2017.


The U.S. labeled Iran’s Revolutionary Guard as a foreign terrorist organization, demonstrating the Administration’s commitment to crack down on the regime’s destabilizing and illegal provocations.


The Treasury Department sanctioned 2 individuals and 33 entities under Venezuela related designations, reaffirming the Administration’s commitment to restoring democracy and freedom in Venezuela.


President Trump visited the Southern border where he underscored his commitment to securing the border and providing border officials the capacity needed to address the immigration crisis.


President Trump met with representatives from the People’s Republic of China where he underscored his commitment to securing a fair trade deal protecting American goods and intellectual property.


The Labor Department announced $13.5 million in Homeless Veterans’ Reintegration Program grants, which provide services to assist in reintegrating homeless veterans into the labor force.


President Trump hosted Fabiana Rosales, wife of Venezuelan interim President Juan Guaido, demonstrating the Administration’s commitment to the Guaido administration and the rule of law in Venezuela.


President Trump signed an executive order establishing targeted approaches to preparing for, protecting against, and responding to a human-made or naturally occurring Electromagnetic pulse in the U.S.


The U.S. designated 9 individuals and 14 entities under Iran sanctions, showing the Administration’s commitment to hold the Iranian regime accountable for its destabilizing, provocative behavior.


The Treasury Department sanctioned 14 individuals and 17 entities in a demonstration of the Administration’s commitment to curb the Iranian regime’s nuclear ambitions and provocative actions.


Secretary Pompeo met with the leaders of Israel, Cyprus, and Greece, emphasizing the Trump Administration’s desire to further improve the security and prosperity of all four countries.


Ford is building a new factory in Michigan for autonomous vehicles; it’s expected to create nearly a thousand jobs by 2023.


President Trump met with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, emphasizing the United States’ commitment to building a partnership that enhances both countries’ prosperity, security and freedom.


The U.S. and Brazil signed a technology safeguards agreement ensuring the proper handling and security of U.S. technology in efforts supporting joint space initiatives between the two countries.


The Trump Administration has successfully appointed 91 Judges to the bench including 2 to the Supreme Court, 36 to Circuit Courts and 53 to District Courts.


The U.S. posted nearly 7.6 million open jobs in January, there are now 1 million more open jobs than unemployed persons.


The State Dept. announced Sec. Pompeo would travel to Kuwait, Lebanon and Israel, underscoring the Administration’s commitment to the war against terrorism, and its unwavering support for Israel.


The United States Treasury Department sanctioned six Russian individuals and eight entities in response to Russia’s unjustified and illegal aggression in Ukraine.


Labor force participation is at a 5 year high as Americans left behind by President Obama are flooding back into the labor market thanks to President Trump’s pro-worker policies. 


The national unemployment rate has remained at or below 4% for a full year.


February 2019 marked the 7th straight month of 3% or better wage growth as gains reached 3.4%, the best in a decade.


The U.S. and South Korea signed a new cost sharing agreement for troop deployments, demonstrating President Trump’s commitment to supporting South Korea while ensuring our allies pay their fair share.


Special Representative To Venezuela Elliot Abrams pledged to expand sanctions on Venezuela in accordance with President Trump’s commitment to crack down on actors supporting the Maduro regime.


According the National Federation of Independent Businesses monthly survey, small business hiring was at an all-time high in February.


Vice President Pence announced the U.S. would revoke the visas of 77 individuals associated with Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro, in order to increase pressure on the illegitimate Maduro regime.


President Trump has added nearly 5 million jobs since he took office just two years ago.


The Trump Administration applied financial sanctions to members of the Maduro regime who worked to block the flow of humanitarian aid to the country.


Initial estimates demonstrate U.S. gross domestic product grew at 2.9% in 2018, far above sluggish gains under President Obama.


The Trump Administration held a Summit with North Korean Chairman, Kim Jong Un, where the U.S. emphasized the need for further demonstrable steps towards the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.


President Trump signed bipartisan legislation permanently reauthorizing the Land and Water Conservation Fund and creating three new national monuments, two of which will honor civil rights leaders.


President Trump announced that American citizen Danny Burch was freed after 18 months of captivity in Yemen, marking the 20th American captive released since President Trump’s 2016 election victory.


The more than 8,000 “Opportunity Zones” created by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act are set to create thousands of jobs and spur investment in communities left behind by the economic recovery.


The United States hosted the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS in a demonstration of the United States commitment to prevent any resurgence in ISIS’s strength.


President Trump asked Congress to support the United States Reciprocal Trade Act to give the President the power to impose tariffs on countries who unfairly cheat on trade with the United States.


President Trump announced he would be holding a second summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, further demonstrating the Administration’s commitment to a denuclearized Korean peninsula.


Thanks to pressure from the United States, more than eight European Nations joined the U.S. in recognizing Juan Guaido as the legitimate leader of Venezuela.


In January 2019, those left out of the economy came flooding back in, as the labor participation rate reached its highest point in 6 years.


To improve border security, the Pentagon announced plans to send thousands of additional troops to the southern border, further demonstrating President Trump’s commitment to securing the border.


President Trump proclaimed January 2019 as National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, dedicated to increasing awareness of human trafficking and showcasing efforts to combat the crime.


The Senate “Overwhelmingly Passed A Sweeping Overhaul Of The Criminal Justice System” – A “Bipartisan Victory To President Trump.”


President Trump kept his promise to deliver a modern and rebalanced trade deal to replace NAFTA.


President Trump Secured 53 Reliable Votes in the GOP-controlled Senate with a Historic Midterm Election


The Support for Patients and Community Act is signed; this law will help defeat the opioid epidemic.


President Trump’s nominee Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed to the Supreme Court


The unemployment rate fell to 3.7%, a near 50 year low.


The Department of Energy announced $20 million in funding going to 10 National Labs and 71 Private Sector Partners for Development and Commercial Deployment of Promising Energy Technologies.


More than 2.8 million Americans have Stopped Collecting Food Stamps since President Trump took office.


President Tump Hosts Angel Families at The White House to discuss the Urgency of Combating Illegal Alien Crimes in the United States and Enforcing our Immigration Laws


First Lady Melania Trump Traveled to McAllen, Texas to Visit Children at Upbring New Hope Children’s Center and Participated in a Roundtable Discussion with Leaders and Staff


The Trump Administration Launches OPIC Committing to Provide Women in Latin America with Access to Capital, Jobs, and Opportunities to Prosper


President Trump signs Executive Order to Address Family Separation at the Border in Light of Congress’s Negligence to Act


President Trump Announces Fifteenth Wave of United States Attorney Nominees and Tenth Wave of United States Marshal Nominees


President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump met with the King and Queen of Spain Focusing on the Ways They Can Positively Impact Children


President Trump signs an Executive Order Regarding the Ocean Policy to Advance the Economic, Security, and Environmental Interest of the United States


The President orders the Department of Defense to create a sixth military branch designated as “Space Force” to utilize American assets to propel the United States back into space dominance


President Trump announces National Space Traffic Management policy to address current and future operational risks in space and to maintain U.S. leadership on spaceflight issues


The Trump Administration Participates in a Roundtable Discussion with the Secretaries’ Innovation Group on Expanding Skills-Based Workforce Education Programs to Help Secure Family-Sustaining Jobs


President Trump Signed Historic and Comprehensive Documents with Chairman Kim that will Return the Remains of U.S. Soldiers who Died in the Korean War and Commit North Korea to Total Denuclearization


President Trump was the First Sitting U.S. President to Meet with the Leader of North Korea


President Trump Meets with Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in Preparation for his Historic Summit with Kim Jong Un


President Trump Hosts First Dinner for Muslim Holiday of Ramadan


President Trump Signs Bill to Extend Veterans Choice Health Care Law


President Trump Commutes Sentence of Alice Marie Johnson


President Trump and First Lady Melania Visit FEMA Headquarters to Attend a Briefing on the 2018 Hurricane Season


President Trump Celebrates 500 Days of Strengthening the American Economy


President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump Hosts Gold Star Families for a Memorial Reception at the White House to Pay Tribute to our Fallen Heroes


Unemployment Rate Fell to 3.8% in May, the Lowest Rate Since 2000


The U.S. Economy Added 223,000 Jobs in May 2018


President Trump Signs H.R. 3562, H.R. 4009, and S. 1285 into Law


President Trump adjusts the Proclamation on Aluminum Imports to Ensure National Security


President Trump Hosts 250 Kids on the White House South Lawn to Introduce his Sports Council, Underscores Importance of Sports for America’s Youth


President Trump Signs Right to Try Legislation Fulfilling the Promise He Made to Expand Healthcare Options for Terminal Americans


President Trump Promotes Accountability and Streamlines Removal Procedures Consistent with Merit System Principles


President Trump develops Cost-Reducing Approaches to Federal Sector Collective Bargaining


President Trump Ensures Transparency, Accountability, and Efficiency in Taxpayer Funded Union Time Use


President Trump Relieves Community and Regional Banks from Dodd-Frank’s Burdensome and Costly Regulations


President Trump Pardons John Arthur “Jack” Johnson, the First African-American Heavyweight Champion of the World


President Trump Directs Commerce Department to Conduct a 232 Action Investigation into Possible Undermining of U.S. Automobile Industry by Foreign Imports


Secretary Pompeo Lays out Trump Administration’s New Policy toward Iran; Applies Strongest Sanctions in History


President Trump’s Human and Health Services announced changes to Title X to stop taxpayer dollars from supporting abortion providers.


President Trump Donates his First-Quarter Salary to the Department of Veterans Affairs


Thirty-Nine Judges Have Been Confirmed, Including a Record-Setting 21 Circuit Judges.


The United States Officially Opens the Embassy in Jerusalem, Israel


President Trump Rolled Out a Comprehensive Plan to Lower Drug Prices


North Korean Leadership Released Three American Detainees


President Trump Protects American Taxpayers, Asks Congress to Rescind $15.4 Billion of Unused Appropriations


The United States Announced Amendments to the South Korea-US Free Trade Agreement to Better Benefit American Cars, Pharmaceuticals, Steel, and Agriculture Products


USDA and USTR Announced Argentina Would Be Accepting US Pork Products For The First Time In 26 Years As Part of President Trump’s Push to Open Markets to American Agriculture


President Trump Forms Task Force on the United States Postal System to Study Postal Service Operations


President Trump Signs H.R. 1865, the “Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act of 2017” into Law


President Trump signed an Executive Order on economic mobility by reforming welfare.