Making America Great Again

Energy And Environment

President Donald J. Trump Achievements

President Trump is reversing years of policies that locked-up American energy and restricted our ability to sell to other countries.

The Department of the Interior proposed its largest oil and gas lease of over 76 million acres in the Gulf of Mexico.

  • President Trump signed an Executive Order to expand offshore oil and gas drilling and open more leases to develop offshore drilling.

President Trump and his Administration acted aggressively to increase exports of energy resources to the global market.

  • This allowed financing for coal and fossil energy projects.
  • The Department of Energy announced the approval of the Lake Charles Liquefied Natural Gas terminal.
  • American LNG export opportunities increased under the Trump Administration.

Oil and gas development was unleashed because of expanded resources and infrastructure needed to get them to market.

  • The Administration approved the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines, supporting an estimated total of 42,000 indirect jobs and $2 billion in wages.
  • The Administration announced the approval of the New Burgos Pipeline, a cross-border project that will export U.S. gasoline to Mexico.
  • The Department of the Interior promoted responsible oil and gas development on Federal lands.

President Trump directed the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to rescind the Obama Administration’s Clean Power Plan (CPP).

  • According to NERA Economic Consulting, the CPP would have increased electricity rates by as much as 14 percent, costing American households up to $79 billion.

The EPA reconsidered Obama-era rule on methane emissions that would cost American energy developers an estimated $530 million annually.

Following the principles established by the President’s Executive Order on Energy Independence, EPA has proposed the repeal of the “Clean Power Plan.” 

The EPA was directed by the Energy Independence Executive Order to repeal of the Clean Power Plan.

The Administration estimates that repealing the Clean Power Plan could eliminate up to $33 billion in compliance costs in 2030.

The proposed repeal of the Clean Power Plan respects the limits of the EPA’s authority.

  • The Clean Power Plan was originally issued under an expansive and legally dubious view of the EPA’s authority under Section 111 of the Clean Air Act.
  • The Plan authorized EPA to dictate the content of the Nation’s energy portfolio, a power well outside its authority under the Clean Air Act.
  • It also severely restricted States’ long-held authority to make choices about energy production and use within their borders.

EPA Administrator Pruitt launched a task force to provide recommendations on how to streamline and improve the Superfund program, which is responsible for cleaning up land contaminated by hazardous waste. 

In May 2017, EPA Administrator Pruitt announced the creation of a Superfund task force to look at ways to streamline and improve the Superfund program.

The Superfund task force released 42 detailed recommendations with the following goals in mind:

  • Expediting cleanup and remediation
  • Re-invigorating responsible party cleanup and reuse
  • Encouraging private investment
  • Promoting redevelopment and community revitalization
  • Engaging partners and stakeholders

EPA has re-launched launched the Smart Sectors Program to partner with the private sector to achieve better environmental outcomes.

The lead for each sector serves as the ombudsmen within the respective agency across program offices, conducts educational site tours, analyzes data and advises options for environmental improvement, and develops reports that profile the impact of each sector.

It also works to streamline EPA practices and operations.


  • Signed legislation to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to domestic energy production.
  • Approved the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines, with 42,000 jobs and $2 billion in earnings. 
  • Repealed the Clean Power Plan, a regulation estimated to increase energy costs by billions.
  • Kept campaign promise to get America out of the Paris Climate Agreement.